We are one of the leading manufacturer/exporter of following products; - 2 and 3 parts disposable Syringes (1ml to 50ml) with or without Needles - Hypodermic Needles - Blood Collection Tubes - Blood Collection Needle - Holders - Insulin Pen Needle - Elastic Net Bandages - Spinal Needle - Urine Container in Turkey (for more information please visit our web site: www.ayset.com). Our products have CE and ISO 13485 certificate and we have the ISO 9001:2000 for the quality management, we have Class 10.000 Clean Production Area that meets GMP regulations and use medical grade raw materials meet FDA. Our medical packing materials are in compliance with DIN and BSI, Sterilization Monitoring System in accordance with FDA guide. All tests are carried out in our factory for each lot. We are selling to number of countries worldwide and the products are of a very high quality.

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Sarıhamzalı Mah., 47007 Sk., No: 36/A, Seyhan, Adana, Turkey
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Mustafa YILMAZ
+90 322 441 12 99